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Aeolus Shipping is an online shopping, freight forwarding service found in JULY 2018.

Generated to make your online shopping experience way easier.Once you have signed up with us you'll receive an e-mail with our overseas address.The overseas address must then be used as your shipping address when shopping online on your favorite websites around the world.Aeolus will eliminate the anxieties and complexities when dealing with customs, Transporting your packages safely from anywhere around the world to Jamaica.

With our extremely low rates starting at $4.00 per lbs and customer friendly employees you're bound to love us.


- High customer satisfaction.

- Easy social media access.

- Delivery Island wide through knustford express.

- Central pick-up Location in the middle of Halfway Tree.

- Extremely low prices.

Aeolus guarantees euphoria to all our customers online shopping experience.

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