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How does this work?


If you're new here, welcome! If you're not yet a member, run come!

If you're not new here but still need a refresher, then you're on the right page.

Lets walk you through the entire process:

Step 1: Create an account to receive your new US Mailing Address, for free! ​

Step 2: Check your email or your Account homepage to view your new USA Mailbox address.

Step 3: Copy and paste the Address onto your Checkout page, ensuring that "AEO" and your account ID is included.

Step 4: Place your order and create a Pre-Alert on your Account, by submitting the details of the order / the invoice. 

What's an invoice?


It's a document showing proof of your purchase that you receive after you've made an order online. You can find it in your email inbox titled "Order Confirmed" or "Order Confirmation". You can also find the invoice on the website within the "My Account" or "My Orders" section.


Where to submit the invoice ?



Sending via email or Whatsapp will delay the process, so we encourage you to notify us if you need additional guidance with the upload.


How to submit the invoice?


Firstly, take a screenshot of the invoice/order confirmation or save it as a PDF.

Then, log in to your Aeolus account at, select the incoming shipment/package then select "Add Document" to upload the invoice.  You can know which package it is by by viewing the tracking number, delivery date and source, these details are all displayed on the account. Otherwise, you can create a pre-alert once the order is shipped out.



Why to submit the invoice?


Gifts and purchases outside of Jamaica that are entering the country are 'imports'. All imports are subject to search and inspection by Jamaica Customs Agency (government authority), and you (the importer) are required to submit a proof of purchase or a document outlining what's inside the package to ensure timely and accurate processing. 


When to submit the invoice?


Your invoice is due once your package is delivered to our USA warehouse. Your package can only be cleared from Jamaica Customs Agency AFTER we receive the invoice.



What must the invoice show?

When submitting your invoices for packages, we must clearly see the following details:


Merchant Name, Order Date, Tracking Number, Product Names/Descriptions, Product Quantity, Product Cost, Sales Tax, Shipping, Order total

We do NOT need to see your Billing Details nor your Payment/Card details.


If you submit your invoice and one or more of these details aren't visible, you are putting your package at risk for delays.

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